About Us and Our Norwich Terrier Puppies

We are a family committed to breeding quality Norwich Terrier puppies. Our children are a very active part of the business and are excited about the puppies each time we have a new litter. The litters are well timed, so all the puppies are played with continuously, and socialized with other pets and people.

Our adult Norwich Terriers play with each other in a large, fenced yard on our 312 acre farm, which is located in the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains. Our facility is very clean and ventilated; the dogs have instant access to shade and a cozy dog bed. But thatís not to say they donít find themselves on a walk with us on our farm or in our house curled up in our lap (their most favorite ďdog bedĒ).

When you’ve decided you like what we have to offer, we’ll personally help you choose the right puppy for your family, and guide you through the decision making process. Buyers receive updated puppy photos and information to prepare them for the arrival of their new Norwich Terrier puppy.

The Norwich Terrier Breed:

The origins of the Norwich/Norfolk Terrier are lost in time; however, it is known that during the mid-19th century in England, a man named "Doggy" Lawrence bred and raised red and black/tan terriers. They became extremely popular with Cambridge college students. Following WWI, a terrier enthusiast known as "Roughrider" Jones began crossbreeding several terriers he owned to the terriers passed down from Lawrence. These offspring eventually formed the foundation of the Jones terrier (as they were called when brought to America), and eventually were named the Norwich/Norfolk terrier. In 1964, the United Kingdom declared the Norwich terrier (having pricked ears) and the Norfolk terrier (having ears that drop or fold) as individual breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) followed suit in 1979.

Today the Norwich Terrier is fearless, loyal, and yet affectionate to his family. His delightful personality is what continues to attract attention over other terrier breeds. His perky ears give him a foxy, intelligent look. You will find him to be strong in constitution and naturally agreeable. The Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest of the terrier breeds, sporting a variety of colors that include red, black and tan, wheaten, or a mix of all three colors called "grizzle." He is at home in rural or urban settings, though it is advisable that he has a fenced yard in the city for his protection. The Norwich Terrier puppy loves attention from children and learns fast in obedience training classes. Because of his intelligence and alert nature, he is a good watch dog and can be a bit of a smart-alack, but will obey when told, "Enough!" Your Norwich Terrier will live up to being your finest companion.