Testimonials About Our Norwich Terrier Puppies

My first attempt to acquire a Norwich terrier came over ten years ago when I saw one at the Westminster Dog Show and fell in love. After several months and no success, I changed breeds and found a wonderful Cairn terrier. Her time with us was way too short and when I lost her, I wasn’t sure I wanted another dog. Well, as anyone who is a dog lover knows, you always want another dog!

My husband convinced me to look for a Norwich terrier again, and how thrilled I was when I located Beth and Liberty Farm. Buying a dog on the Internet was a really scary prospect. However, from the very beginning I felt like I was in the right place, and I couldn’t believe that Beth actually had the very puppy I was looking for. I had my heart set on a black and tan female and there she was!

Things went so smoothly and it was a red-letter day when we received pictures showing our Sadie romping with her brothers and sisters. Beth updated her progress with pictures every few weeks, and we could see she was just what we were hoping for.

Shipping her to California made me a little nervous also, so we planned on driving to Missouri to pick her up. Circumstances prevented that, so she was shipped after all. It went well with only a little glitch (the puppy was safe the entire time), and Beth and I were on the phone until it was corrected. Sadie arrived fit as a fiddle. Beth was hands on the entire time. She truly cares about her puppies.

Sadie is five months old and a beauty. Everything about her seems perfect, and when I have her out, people ask what kind of dog she is because it is rare to see a Norwich. I am always recommending Beth when people have asked where I got my Sadie. My experience with Beth was so positive, and I am thrilled with my little jewel!

Kaysene Miller


I did a lot of research before I purchased a Norwich.  I had owned other terriers and knew I wanted another. After  much searching, I came across the Liberty Norwich web site, and began communicating with Beth, I knew right away she'd be the right breeder.  She is absolutely in love with her dogs and cares about each and every puppy.  She's professional, and made every aspect of my purchase as easy as possible.  I emailed her many times asking countless questions which she always answered promptly.   I drove 7 hours from Louisiana to get my pup.  She even met me in Branson, which cut an hour off my drive time. She had all the paperwork organized and helped me every step of the way, including a little 'goodie bag' for the trip home. 

I have update her regularly on my puppy, who is now 4 months old.  Dixie amazes me everyday with her intelligence and sweet temperament.  She is fearless, full of energy and vigor, and is always ready for any adventure we take her on.  She has even completed obedience training.  The trainer was amazed at how quickly she learned her commands and extra tricks like 'shake', 'speak', and 'roll over.'  She is so intelligent and catches on almost immediately when asked to do something (especially with a tasty treat)! 

Dixie came to us in EXCELLENT health as confirmed by our vet and has been nothing but healthy since we've had her.  Our experience with Beth has been excellent. We would buy from her again (we’re seriously thinking about it). I recommend Beth’s puppies to anyone and everyone we see that is interested in the Norwich breed.

Shontel Nostrand


I believe God creates situations in people's lives. For many years I wanted to become the owner of the Norwich terrier breed. I had searched and browsed for a long time to no avail. Last summer, I was looking again for a quality breeder, and came upon the Liberty Farm Norwich. After e-mailing Beth, and receiving a prompt reply, I felt this strong magnet and realized I had finally found the BEST. Beth described the breed's personality to me, suggested a book to read, and reviewed all information about becoming the proud owner of a Liberty Farm Norwich puppy.

Over the next few weeks, we kept in contact about the arrival of a litter. Beth went to great lengths to place the best puppy with our family. She sent pictures regularly to update the puppies growth, personalities, and color. With Beth's help, I finally picked our precious "Harley". When it was time for Harley to come home, I drove from Kentucky to get him. Beth was truly caring and informative when we arrived. She is very professional and organized.

Our Harley has been loving, smart, self-confident and a people lover. He has become my household companion. He has taken over our home with charm, affection, and sense of belonging. He waits in anticipation each day for my 3-year-old grandson to come home. They have become great pals, and both seem to love one another.  

I believe all these qualities are due to Beth and Liberty Farm Norwich's strong desire to produce an outstanding Norwich breed and a life-long companion. I STRONGLY recommend Beth's Norwich terriers if you want an honest breeder, supportive friend, excellent business process, and an A+ terrier breed.

Debra N. Fowler


I got two Norwich Terriers from Beth on two different years. I knew when I go the first puppy that I had the real deal. Both puppies arrived in perfect condition via airfreight and have been nothing but a pure experience of joy. Durga is very typical of the breed. She is fearless but not aggressive. She had to make friends with 2 big Akita's which she has done with great respect and love. She adopted our 14 year female Akita as her mother.

Working with Beth was very easy, professional and pleasant. Her pups get plenty of human handling, which gives then the social skills they need to be great pets. Beth gives you plenty of info if you are a new owner of a dog. And for follow up, Beth is at your call if needed. I have owned and bred Shiba's, Akita's, and Malamutes, so for me to recommend a breeder, I have to believe in their abilities. I would not hesitate one moment to buy another dog from Liberty Farms. My wife and I work together long hours in our own business and a highlight of the day is playing with a couple of Norwich's.

Sat Nam with Blessings

Gurushabd Khalsa

San Diego, CA

We bought our first Norwich Terrier from Beth McElvain at Liberty Farms. We have had many dogs over the years and this was our first Norwich and first long distance purchase. We believe very strongly that the temperament of a dog comes not just from quality breeding but from the manner and care given puppies in their first weeks of life. We could tell the moment we picked our Rufus up at O’Hare that he had been loved and socialized in the most loving fashion. Rufus is not only a beautiful dog with gorgeous coloring and that classic hearty Norwich build, but he is smart, affectionate, willing to please. He also loves new people and other dogs.

While we were nervous about buying our first puppy sight unseen and having him shipped via the airlines, the entire process was handled with complete professionalism, efficiency, and went off like a finely tuned Swiss watch. Throughout the entire process, either through phone conversations or email exchanges, Beth was extremely reassuring and more than happy to answer any and all questions. And sure enough, Rufus arrived right on time no worse for wear and with more identifying labels and confirmations than a national treasure. We were very impressed.

We have not only been extremely please about our decision to purchase a Norwich Terrier, but just as importantly to do so through Liberty Farms.

Jim & Kathy

Chicago, IL

My husband and I first set eyes on a Norwich at a dog show we went to about two years ago.  We still had our other dog at the time, but wanted to scale down a little for our next dog, so we kept the Norwich in mind.  When our dog died, we tried to find a breeder in our area that was interested in selling to us, but with no luck.  My husband found Beth online, and after talking to her, decided to take a chance.  Everything went fine and our little boy arrived at O'Hare on time and not one bit frazzled!  He came home and felt at ease with his new family right away.

Bobby is such a sweetheart and loads of fun to watch.  He plays with his toys all day long when he isn't taking a nap, loves to take walks and be outside in general.  He is so cuddly that he loves to be between our feet or in our arms and loves to curl up on the sofa with us watching TV in the evening.

Our vet said we have a very good dog, and I know we are so lucky to have him in our lives!

Gail Kavalunas


We are so happy with our experience with Liberty Farm. From the moment we contacted her, Beth took care of every detail and lead us through the whole process. We were provided with pictures and updates on behavior every few weeks. She took care of all the transportation arrangements and our puppy arrived happy and healthy, jumping out of his crate with tail wagging.

Our black and tan puppy, Bear, is a joy. He was obviously well cared for and socialized at an early age. He loves people, especially children, and other dogs. He even gets along well with our parrot! He has really brightened our lives. He's been very easy to train, quickly picking up sit, lie down, and potty training. We are grateful that we found Liberty Farm and Beth and would highly recommend them to anyone.

John and Michele

Thank you - We wanted to share what a delightful experience it has been to deal with Liberty Farm Norwich. We have purchased a lot of dogs in our lifetime, through various means. This one has been over the top. The dog we have has terrific coloring, great personality & easy to train. Anywhere we take her, people fall in love with her. And she also interacts with other dogs well. We have friends that have this breed so we are able to make comparisons.

You couldn't ask for a better breeder to deal with than Beth. Never have I had someone contact me later after the sale to see how the dog was. The whole buying experience was easy, any questions responded to by whatever means you are comfortable with. She makes sure the dogs travel at the right times too. You may contact me at any time for referrals.

Sondra Krueger

Sacramento, California

This past November I had the absolute pleasure of getting a Norwich Terrier from Beth at Liberty Farm Norwich. Every aspect of my experience was incredible right from the first contact until Cardiff was shipped to New York. Beth made sure that I was a part of Cardiff’s life right from the moment he was born. I got e-mails, photos, and very specific information about his day of arrival. Beth cares a great deal for every puppy, and it is evident with the meticulous way she handles every detail. I have never felt so secure purchasing a puppy.

Cardiff has a great personality, is very social, and has a sweet temperament. His conformation is excellent. It was clear that when he arrived he had been played with and loved before his arrival. He is very inquisitive and highly intelligent. I enjoy him so much!

I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Beth at Liberty Farm Norwich. You will not be disappointed. You may contact me anytime if you have questions or need a referral.

Thanks again, Beth.

Colleen Hurd


I am the proud owner of two beautiful and healthy Norwich terrier puppies from breeder Beth in Ava, Missouri. Beth is a loving and caring breeder. I flew from Alaska to Missouri to pick up the puppies. Beth brought the puppies in a carrier to the hotel where I was staying. She had a towel with the puppies’ mother’s scent on it for comfort for the puppies. She gave me some helpful tips for flying with the puppies which was wonderful. Beth and I have kept in touch so she can learn how her “kids” are doing. I send her photos as often as possible.

The puppies’ conformation from Liberty Farm is impeccable, as is their delightful and comical personalities that are indicative of AKC Norwich terriers. I continue to have a wonderful kinship with Beth, and I highly recommend a purchase of one of her beautiful puppies.


Fairbanks, Alaska

I want to say that getting my Norwich terrier from Beth at Liberty Norwich was a wonderful experience. From the time my Gina was born, till she the time she came to live with me, the process was seamless. Beth kept me informed of Gina’s progress with pictures, emails, and phone conversations. She instructed me how to make the puppy comfortable in her new home. We had the dog flown in and Beth even watch the weather so Gina wouldn't be in the cold. I had questions after Gina got here and Beth was always there for me with helpful information.

Gina is the nicest dog. Her disposition is the best! Gina "talks" to me when she wants something and loves to play tug-of-war. When we are out on our walk, she stops to say “hello” to all of her friends. And lest I forget to mention, she is the best looking dog in our neighborhood and everyone loves her! She is also wonderful with children. Anyone who wants a Norwich terrier will be very pleased to do business with Beth.

John Leiser

New York City, NY

I recently had the pleasure of getting a Norwich terrier puppy from Beth at Liberty Farm Norwich. This is my first Norwich terrier; I previously had a great Westie. I found the kennel on the internet and completed all the communication via the internet. I live in Colorado so chose to drive to Missouri to pick up the puppy. The process went incredibly smoothly, and I would do it again without hesitation.

The puppy I got is wonderful. She has a great personality, is adorable, and full of spunk. She is great with adults and small children alike. I would highly recommend this breed and Liberty Farm without hesitation.

Janna Deason

Loveland, CO

We bought our Norwich terrier from Beth at Liberty Farm Norwich in August of 2006. She was to be a birthday present to our daughter, and Beth worked with me to do everything they could do to ensure she arrived on the special day.

Hannah is our first Norwich terrier. We have Golden Retrievers and so we were not sure what to expect with a Norwich terrier. Well, we love her. She is a wonderful dog with a sweet, affectionate and playful temperament. She has a beautiful head and people will stop and ask what kind of dog she is. She is so friendly and loves to be made over. She plays with our Golden’s like she is a little retriever bringing us anything we throw for her. She is a wonderful companion and follows us everywhere we go. We just put in an invisible fence, and it only took her 15 minutes to understand the whole concept. She is a very smart dog.

I would highly recommend a Norwich terrier to anyone contemplating adding a small dog to their family. Beth did an excellent job in describing the breed to us, and she is everything they said she would be and more. I appreciated receiving all the picture of Hannah and her litter mates prior to her arrival to Virginia. They kept us informed on how she was doing and answered all our questions. They truly care about their puppies and the homes they are going to, which was very reassuring to me as a prospective buyer. I did not just want a dog. I wanted a dog that was started correctly, and having a breeder that cared about where their puppies where going impressed me. My experience with Liberty Farm Norwich has been very positive, and I would recommend them as a breeder of Norwich terriers.


Hume, VA

I had been looking for a Norwich terrier for several months – to no avail. The “show breeders” wouldn’t even respond to me. I found Beth on-line and she contacted me almost immediately. She introduced herself, her operation, explained her philosophy on breeding, and the advantages of the Norwich breed.

I had a choice of two puppies which had just been born days before. I chose one from a picture and sent a deposit. Beth sent me some references of past clients, and I called them. She sent me pictures every couple of weeks so that I could follow my puppy’s progress.

Because of the great distance, I paid to have our puppy shipped, via air, to the closest airport. She arrived early and displayed a tremendous amount of personality from the outset. We took her to our vet for a check-up, and he said that she is a wonderful specimen of the Norwich breed. We couldn’t be happier with our choice and would recommend Beth to anyone who is interested.

Susan and Christopher Mundy

Winnetka, IL

We’ve had our new little guy for about a week now. Thanks to all of you for the positive experience in picking out and picking up the newest member of our family. Our vet has told us, and we whole-heartedly agree that the fine care and attention he received was obvious. He’s active, bright, inquisitive, and his self-confidence is almost comical, given he currently weighs all of 4.9 pounds.

The information and pictures on your website were very helpful, as the internet is the modern way to go shopping for a breeder when looking for a new pet. We appreciate you allowing us to come down and pick him out when he was just 10 days old. We anxiously waited the two months for his arrival, and the pictures you e-mailed every two weeks were like little presents that really brightened the day. Since this is our first "terrier" experience, we certainly appreciate your offer of assistance when we need puppy advice.

He’s a sensation wherever I take him, and when asked how we found him, I always pass along the recommendation of Liberty Farm for Norwich puppies. Thank you again.

Teresa & Bill Powers

Rockford, Illinois

Last December my husband and I became the proud recipients of a precious little Norwich terrier puppy named Gracie. Since that time our lives have been enriched in many ways. Gracie is now 6 months old. She has grown into a strong, confident individual. Her conformation is good and temperament very pleasing. She has bonded to us and we are her "people" just as she is our "baby"!

Our experience working with Beth and Liberty Farm Norwich was absolutely problem free. From the time I expressed interest in a puppy, Beth provided all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Once we decided on a puppy, she reserved Gracie for us. She provided regular updates and pictures from birth to 8 weeks when Gracie was ready for delivery to us. We had Gracie shipped via air. Beth's process for this is very efficient and safe for the puppy. Even though the airlines were delayed in their arrival, Gracie was in great shape and glad to see us. She was friendly and loving right from the start and has been so ever since. I credit this partly to the Norwich terrier breed, but especially to the caring way that Beth and family handle and socialize their puppies from birth.

If you are looking for a quality Norwich terrier puppy, an honest breeder and excellent customer service, then I highly recommend Beth and Liberty Farm Norwich.


Alexandria, VA

After years of wanting that perfect dog, and finally being in a place where I could properly take care of one, I started doing research online and found Liberty Farm Norwich. Some weeks later, after a few phone calls and several email conversations, Beth told me I would be receiving an eight week old Norwich terrier puppy from her last litter. Being excited and nervous, never owning a dog before, I was concerned about our new arrival. Beth was always very helpful and calming. Her professionalism and knowledge made this exciting transition very easy.

Being from the city I was worried about the puppy traveling by plane from Missouri to New York; if he would be safe, how, and where I would pick him up. Beth and I planned his itinerary together; I never worried about his safety. I will never forget the first time I saw Paddington’s adorable face. He is the friendliest, cutest puppy I have ever seen, but of course, I am biased. Having Paddington has been one of the greatest joys in my life, and Beth has had a lot to do with it. I certainly never imagined that I would buy my dog over the internet, something that is still a relatively new way of purchasing things, let a lone a living creature.

His temperament is ideal for both children and adults. Walking down the street without someone stopping us, is impossible. Because of Beth, we were never anxious about sending her money. She always sent updates, even pictures, of our growing puppy. Everything she did was appreciated. I cannot imagine coming home anymore without Paddington being there to greet me.

Brett Carneiro

Manhattan, New York City, NY

Beth responded with consistent, detailed and timely communication throughout the adoption process. As a first-time Norwich terrier owner-to-be, she made me feel at ease with her willingness to explain answers to my many questions. Beth and her family also provided wonderful photos of my puppy's first eight weeks; making me feel like I already knew her before she came home to us. We are absolutely in love with our special little Norwich girl.

I've been very pleased with the personal service Liberty Farm Norwich has provided and I highly recommend them.


Atlanta, Georgia

Rudy, our AKC Norwich terrier, is doing great! He is quite the little character to say the least. This little dog loves everyone and is loved by everyone. We are asked quite frequently, "What kind of dog is that?" Just kidding I answer that he is a Norwich terrorist. We have seen no other Norwich terriers around our area; they are scarce. We looked for a breeder that made us feel comfortable and certain that we were making a sound decision. After eighteen months, we found Beth at Liberty Farm Norwich, and we are very grateful for this.

Our experience working with Beth at Liberty Norwich was nothing short of pleasurable. Although we never met face to face, the process she walked us through made us feel safe. We were completely at ease and trusted her as she was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We were, in fact, first time buyers of a pet that had to be flown to us.

The shipping experience went very smoothly. Rudy came in a small blue carrier as scheduled, and he was very calm. I was so excited and could hardly wait to get home from Cleveland/ Hopkins Airport, which is only 10 minutes from our house, to hold him. Upon opening the little door on the carrier, this furry little dog came bounding out. His little tail was wagging and he was running in small circles. I expected to see some fear from him, but it was obvious he had been played with and he was not the least bit scared. It was as if he was returning home.

Rudy got his diploma in March for successfully completing his puppy obedience class. We never missed a class. Rudy makes friends wherever we go. He loves riding in the car and sits on my lap like a little ornament. This dog loves to play fetch; he is tireless to say the least.

We certainly have no regrets and love our littlest new family member. He makes us laugh all the time. Thank you for all your help.

Joe and Holly Destro

North Olmsted, OH