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Health GuaranteeOur family prides itself in breeding fine dogs as well as matching them to happy families!
We take every precaution to ensure that your puppy is healthy. He will be wormed and given 2 sets of vaccinations before going to his new home. You will receive his Health Chart which will let your vet know exactly what he was given and when. Your puppy will also be given a certified health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian at the time of departure. This guarantees that the puppy left our home in good health. Upon receiving your puppy, you are asked to take him to your veterinarian within 48 hours to verify his good health, which will validate and complete our health guarantee.

Genetic Guarantee - As breeders, we assume responsibility for sending you as healthy a puppy as possible, and we include a one year genetic health guarantee. Genetic defects in the Norwich are uncommon; however, “accidents of nature” can randomly occur, and their symptoms might not be discovered until the pup has matured beyond the 8-12 weeks of age he is sent to you. If your pet is found to have a genetic defect within one year from the purchase date, we will either (a) replace your puppy, or (b) refund you the puppy’s purchase price.

If you think something is wrong with your pet, you need to take him to a licensed veterinarian for examination and/or testing. If your vet determines that the puppy has a genetic defect, you will need to contact us. We will contact another vet for a second opinion. The expense incurred by both vets will be the buyer’s responsibility.

A written/signed explanation of the diagnosis from both vets must be sent to us before the puppy is returned. All expenses incurred to return the puppy to us is also the buyer’s responsibility.

If you decide to keep the puppy even though you know he has an imperfection, all expenses to treat the problem are your responsibility, unless prior arrangements have been approved by Liberty Farm Norwich.

A bit of a risk is always associated with purchasing a puppy (or any other animal for that matter). We’d like to reiterate, though, that the likelihood of a genetic defect in the Norwich terrier is small, and good breeding, a healthy kennel environment, and the care that is taken to ship your pet vastly outweighs the possibility that something might “go wrong.”


Please call us at (417) 683-2838 if you have unanswered questions.

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