Shipping Your Norwich Terrier Puppy

We can arrange to unite you with your puppy in several ways.

You're welcome to pick your Norwich Terrier puppy up from our home, and it’s always fun to meet with someone we’ve gotten to know as we’ve matched a puppy with its new family. However, most people seldom live within easy driving distance. If you live a wee bit farther than a quick drive, we can meet you partway (but no more than 1.5 hour driving time for us). Because most folks don’t live within an easy roundtrip driving distance, we typically air-ship puppies to their new owners. In this case, we need to know what airport your pet is to be shipped to. A few people have chosen to fly into our regional airport to retrieve their puppy, and we have met them at a nearby overnight hotel or specified location. But this is rare, because of the expense of flying, and because the pet-shipping industry is now advanced, safe, and highly regulated by the government.

Federal regulations on airline pet transportation are strict and your Norwich Terrier puppy will be handled with the greatest of care. During peak hot-summer or cold-winter periods, you will need to be flexible about flight schedules. U.S.D.A. and airline regulations state that live animals cannot be shipped if the temperature at the departure point, or any transfer point in route, is forecasted to be below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees. Depending on certain variables, we can sometimes get a veterinarian waiver for temperatures as low as 20 degrees. There is, however, no waiver allowed for the high temperature, although midnight flights often avoid the high limitation. For this reason, we will need an alternative airport should inclement weather require a flight change. The safety and health needs of your Norwich Terrier puppy will always determine the exact time of shipment.

Shipping cost varies to the different airports but includes far more than the airfare. We spend considerable time scheduling airline reservations, and also send your puppy in an airline approved kennel. We will provide a vet health certificate as well as flight insurance. We will also provide transportation to the airport for no extra charge. Please contact us for current cost.

We have selected – and been very pleased with – a pet shipping company that flies pets nationwide. Depending upon the destination airport, your puppy will be delivered to either the baggage claim area in the passenger terminal or to the airline’s cargo facility. Each airport is different. We will contact you with the exactly location before shipment so you can be there before your puppy arrives.

Your responsibility is to pick up your Norwich Terrier puppy on time. All other information will be provided by us, just as if you were picking up a special family member at the airport.